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Written by Access Health CT | Published November 8th, 2021 | Updated November 8th, 2021

Open Enrollment for the 2022 plan year starts November 1, 2021 and ends January 15, 2022. The deadline is different this year, and if you want to start the year with coverage it’s important to know when you should take action. When you complete your application determines when your coverage will start:

  • For coverage starting January 1, 2022, you must complete your application by midnight on December 15, 2021.
  • For coverage starting February 1, 2022, you must complete your application between December 16, 2021 and January 15, 2022.
  • Open Enrollment ends at midnight on January 15, 2022

You may be able to enroll any time of year if you: 


We Are Here to Help 

  • Call us at 1-855-805-4325Hours of Operation (holiday hours may vary - check website for details)
    • Monday - Friday, 8:00 am- 8:00 pm  
    • Select Saturdays: 
      • Sat, November 6, 9am – 3pm 
      • Sat, November 13, 9am – 3pm 
      • Sat, December 18, 9am – 3pm 
      • Sat, January 8, 9am – 3pm 
      • Sat, January 15, 9am – Midnight 
  • Live Chat available at AccessHealthCT.com
  • Visit one of our Navigator Locations  
  • Find a Broker or Certified Application Counselor (CAC) near you 

 What  documents/information do I need to enroll?

You should have the following information for yourself and anyone in your household (even if they don't need coverage):  

 •    Dates of Birth
 •    Social Security Numbers
 •    Visa, green card, or immigration documents
 •    Most recent W2 and/or Form 1040, 1099 
 •    Pay-stubs, Profit & Loss Statements or other employment information
 •    Current insurance coverage (policy numbers for any current health insurance plans covering members of your household) 

Download Enrollment Checklist

 How long will the  enrollment process take?

For those individuals or smaller households that do not require assistance, we estimate that it may take about 30–45 minutes to complete the enrollment process online. 

For larger households, those with complex situations or eligibility issues, it may take longer. 

Please contact  Access Health CT at 1-855-805-4325 if you need any assistance. 


How do I  enroll  through  Access Health CT? 

We realize that not everyone has regular access to the same type of technology or may prefer a personal approach to discuss their healthcare coverage options. We're here to help! You can get the coverage you need online, over the phone, or in person.Shape 

Apply online at  AccessHealthCT.com– it’s an easy and convenient way to compare the available plans and see if you qualify for financial help. 

• Apply in-person with a trained and certified Insurance Broker or a Certified Application Counselor (CAC) –Click here to find one near you 

• Call us at 1-855-805-4325to talk with a trained Enrollment Specialist who can answer your questions and guide you through the enrollment process – in many different languagesShape

VisitAccessHealthCT.com to learn more about the enrollment process and what you should look for when you shop. We have resources available in many languages spoken by Connecticut residents. 

 What phone number should I call if I have questions about my enrollment?

For any enrollment or general questions, please call Access Health CT at 1-855-805-4325. 

If you have questions about your monthly bill or insurance benefits, you should contact your insurance company. (Their phone number is located on the back of your insurance card) 

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